Reviews for "Teen Titans GO Fuck"

dude this is awesome

shadman please make more of these this is probly one of your best
just the look of the girls and the attitude of them is amazing great job

*tears* so beautiful. Would definitely watch a series like this.

Shadman, im just gonna be a fanboy for a sec. you are extermely talented and arent afraid to post art that could be seen as more controversial. Instead of searching your name when i come to newgrounds, i simply just click the "art" tab and either the "latest". "greatest" or "most popular" subheadings. i can never truly fully appreciate your excellent art because of the facet that it seems too good to be true. Keep up the good work man! :):)
-sincerely, one of your adoring fans :D

TheShadling responds:

Glad you like my work.
A much easier way to find it rather than on newgrounds, would be on my site www.Shadbase.com

nice job on ravans feet! :)