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Reviews for "Human"

it was ok

but that music really got on my nerves. it sounded like a crappy nine inch nails cover band with an 80s twist to it. eesh.


the music was the only good thing about it and I thought that sucked.


Can you explain please? it doesnt make any sence thats jus what im saying.....i liked the music though =)

A good look is not enough.

This animation looks good and was well drawn compared to most of the stuff out there, but there's no "plot" or humour in it. The creator has a lot of potential to make something really great if he would team up with someone who would get a funny script going or if he could write a better script for it himself.

whats the point?

or is that the whole point of the movie? the music was alright, besides that i have no clue what the hell was goin on. the main character was beatin the shit outta another clone human becuase? i dont know if the movie was too deep or if you were just tryin to seem smart or it could be im just too dumb to figure out what the hell was goin on.