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Reviews for "Human"

Not bad...

Some things to keep in mind:

Ease up on the gradients for the character graphics. If the arms are seperate from the torso (which they were) you should make sure that the colors don't end up looking too different. I don't know if you meant to make it that way or not, but it just looked a little weird.

Also, the movements of the arms kind of sucked when he was running.

Other than that, not bad at all. Keep it up.

FoXcatO responds:

His arms were supposed to look like that.

What can I say? I haven't made any running cycles in ages, and so I had alot of trouble with it this time...


so..... the moral of the story is that if you can't rip people's faces off, you should beat them with a baseball bat? i'm sure you had good intentions with the plot, but it was so poorly executed it made me want to rip my own face off. the art was pretty good but the animation sucked, and the music didn't fit at all. it had potential, but it crashed and burned.

pretty to look at.

but thats it. this a crappy attempt at art and he just wants to play to those emotional saps who come to newgrounds looking for literature in flash form. pico would be ashamed....and tom says wtf i get paid anyway.
and the song has the same beat as "oh mickey ur so fine" wtf...


nice concept an good animation....altho i had to turn it off half way through..as the music was making me suicidal....:)


It was ok, but listen to the music a little closer. Sounds like "MY Sherona."