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Reviews for "Human"

so.......hmmmmm....any moral to this story???

yeah this was a good flash but as i was inticed by the music and appreateing the animation i couldn't help but think. why the hell is this guy going to such great lenghs to kill a "human". is it addressing the issue that while in big cities no one seems to notice you no matter what you do. Did the wooden doll offend the main character? or did he just want to beat something and was pissed off that the person wasn't affected. well w/e it's not important. the graphics were par and the music was good. i really didn't find it that entirely funny but a few part made me chuckle.of course im not entirely sure that you wanted it to be amusing. any way good flash.

Great attempt, but firmer plot needed

You made a great attempt to create a good flash piece, but it seemed like your plot need to be a bit firmer. You needed to think this out a bit more.

iit was alright

the song was pretty sweet, and i didnt really understand what the hell was going on though, i guess if i listen to the lyrics more closely i will, but overall it was oaky dokey


i don't get it...but it was different.

ok then

good, but i didn't get the message at all. Something about the mask being to intigrated to remove it. I guess. Psh, what do i know. but whatever, it was fun to listen to. Good beat.