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Reviews for "Human"

The only one who's not dead inside.

For the ones who don't get that I'm not sure if you're REALLY alive, on the inside. Good open message can be intepreted in many ways.
Overall good music and style.

Very Good

I really enjoyed watching this movie. It seemed to go well with the music, which I liked as well.

Some people just don't understand do they?

I liked it, I just want to know if you had an original message you wanted to portray or simply let the viewer decide because you can pick many things to relate it to. The absense of human spirit, social anxiety in a way, lost and helpless ect. theres so many, I just want to know you image. The graphics were great and it speaks, don't listen to the other assholes who were looking for some joke or porn, it's too bad their type is the kind that lives lol(but I guess they're only human). nice job man, can't wait to see more.

FoXcatO responds:

Glad you enjoyed it:) I made up a rule for myself when I made Ulbölle together with Nashua (ages ao it seems to me) that I would never tell people what my image of my films are, and instead let the people who watch them get from them what they see.


i'd go crazy like that to

It was gritty, dark, and depressing.

It was perfect.