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Reviews for "Human"

That was off the hook!

Good job, nice smooth animation, good mesage in the song tranclated through the animation, cant wait to see more of your work

Touching...in a matter.

I think you want to represant the man as a stranger to this world. He doesnt understand the people of this world (and admit, who does around here?) and becomes violent of it. He cries because he hasn't got the power to stop from us, humans, to become rock-dummy tempered machines of society.

Maybe that guy is you, maybe he isn't. Maybe he exists...or not. Why tells us?

We feel the same man.


The song fit almost perfectly, and the flash had a good message. Not really a positive one, but a message that we can all relate to at times. I enjoyed it very much, good work.


Flawless! Exellent in every way! Love it. Great choice of song too. Keep up the good work.


This flash is great!
And unfortunately it tells the truth.
The song is amazing, you did a really impressive work.