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Reviews for "Human"

Beatiful stuff that makes you think

The imagery is briliant and the music is great and perfect to go with the flash, gets you realizing how masked we are everyday of our lives.

cool cool cool

I'm not sure I fully truly get the point, but I think it's talking about how humans try to act alike and it pissed that kid off because the people were wearing masks to look like everyone else, making him the only real person. Yes, I do get smart sometimes. That was a cool song, awesome animation (shadows and everything were placed PERFECTLY), and the style was sweet. I would like to see more from you.


For that small of a file that was lenghty, it was great though, alot of meaning.


Whoever made this flash, you should really consider a carrer in film!

I like

I like the vid
and the music was cool
but i fail to understand why the dude was attacking the...er....thing
other than that 10/10