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Reviews for "Human"

man that was lame

That thing was so damn boring, please for the next time stop those pitiful tries of rising to the greatness of obscure once again and make something original...

what the?!

dude what fuck was that that!??! that made no sence!!!!


What the fuck was that !

FoXcatO responds:

I think it was a movie made in flash... but I'm not sure... could be potatoes...


That fuckin sucked.. The song was gay, and it was pointless, no real story... Wasn't funny so 0 humor, 0 inter cause its a movie(so not counted), 0 violence no blood, 0 sound cause the only sound was that shitty song. 0 style, because well whats stlyish about this? graphics 7 because the graphics were pretty good.


HOW THE HELL DID THIS GET OUT OF THE PORTAL? are you all on crack? no honestly, what the hell? The best thing about this was the music, and even that wasn't that great. I mean, has it come to the point where anyone can post anything and expect to make the fromt page? I find it weird how a misconcieved idea about a guy wanting to break the mold so he kills an innocent bystander is worthy of me watching. Hans Moleman said it best when he said "You stole 4 minutes of my life. I want them back."