Reviews for "Human"

now THAT was incredibly depressing

I mean, damn.


That was so sad the way he was all alone and the other people were stuck in those cases i just wonder if he waited would the cases come off???? please awnser these and that was cool that inspired me......... you picked the right music for it too.This deserves like 100 not just 10 i mean that was awsome this is a example of excellence.


That spoke to me!

That was an amazing flash! The detail was nice, and how you made the street all gloomy and all. The music matches perfectly with the scene. You should definitly make more like this, and don't listen to Master_Samus, he's just jealous.

Knights_Fury Out


Maybe I'm overinterpreting, but I see it as he breaks free of the conditioning that society places on all of us, and realizes that it's not an easy thing to do, nor is it easy to show others. Very great movie, in fact, all of them are. I enjoy them, keep 'em coming.


This was amazing. Really good animation. This is a really moving flash. Makes ya think. Sometimes I just wish that I could be one of those faceless, emotionless...beings. Not Human....
This is awesome. Kudos. =)