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Reviews for "Human"


dude that was weird i didnt understand that at all....?


soooo........ ur let me see if i can get what ur trying to say.. the kid doesnt like the fact that someone is fitting in and wants to c how someone is on the inside but cant so he tkes his anger out on the TV by throwing beans at it then decides to bash the person with a bat to find out if that will help. BUT the persons spirit can not be broken ( even with a bat) and so the kid must cry about it

the animation was ok but i guess im not the emo type who understands all this......stuff

Deep Masks

I thought this flash was overall very good in my books and the music went so very increbidly well with the flash. The message behind the flash was simple and was very to the point. Overall this is one that I'll come back to when I'm feeling very different from society or vice versa. After all we as a whole on society do as what other humans do. Yet we all want to be singled out and be an individual. Keep pushing flashes out like this and you'll have a fan for life. Thanks for this flash and keep up the good work.

it was ok

but that music really got on my nerves. it sounded like a crappy nine inch nails cover band with an 80s twist to it. eesh.

Must see!!!!!

this is a buetifull film it meshes perfectly with the music. This was ment to be made this is amazingly drawn and well styled, but the best is the story(touches close to home). MUST SEE!!!!