Reviews for "Human"


Very good, carpark north rocks
I love your animations, keep em commin dude
\n/ (^_^)\n/

Good Flash

Hey, great job on the flash. I'm a big fan of Carpark North, and I caught the refrence to Mew in there. I think it was very accurate portralial of what it means to be human. I mean, with the absense of individuallity, we lose the meaning of what it means to be human. All and all, very good...

Niiiiice :D

I say that video was quite beautiful. I felt bad that the guy was the only real person in the world, and he felt alone. great job :D

It was gritty, dark, and depressing.

It was perfect.

Nice work

Oh man this flash is good! I really liked the music and all. The flash maked me think what would happen if in town were only one living person. He probalty go crasy like this guy. Still exellent work man!