Reviews for "Human"

Ten-pin humans

I almost think I get what this is about, emphasis on almost.... It's very unusual, and is trying to be thoughtful, and I think its meant to convey that the main character feels alone because he's the only one that seems human and he's struggling for everyone else to become human to him because theyre locked off like little wooden models. Im probably totally off, but that's my interpretation. The music suggests you could have easilly done more with it, and the movie seems to be a little withholding and surpressed, but it was still very likeable. Not perfect but had a nice message. Hopefully it was intended to have a message...


Yeah, good animation and all...But I still have no idea what message you are trying to convey...

Good work

Nice toon, keep at it. Loved the song. You gotta feel sorry for that guy though.


I didn't get how it was about humans but besides that it was pretty good. 0 0 0 0 oo
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thats how many of us feel, don't you feel so?

no need to say that this flash is just great! the animation coul'd be better, sure, but that's not the point. it brings such a better message that it's worth!