Reviews for "Human"

Is anyone else confused???

I don't get it... But I do like Carpark North. However the song seemed so upbeat for such a depressing and lonely enviroment. I think you could have done more with the flash and song by sync them up better. I mean the shaky thing with the camera got on my nerves. But other than the minor errors I liked it, the graphics were very crisp and awesome. Yet I still don't understand what was happening.
Good Job keep up the good work!

it was gewd

but a flicker effect on the characters whould have brought this thing all together

i dont know

this video was ok i really couldnt get into it the song wasnt all that great either

cool song and awesome animation

that was cool! i think that we are all hidden behind a mask and we must release ourselves and become one with each other. we must also hold a daily mosh session around the globe. i think that your art has put across both of these points and i also think your taste in music is good. i think too much ........... now my head hurts

Good song, good flash.

It was fun and interesting to watch.