Reviews for "Human"

Wow Very moveing peice of work

thats extremely deep man.. Wow, Thats so amazeing dude. Fantastic animation and i feel like some times i feel so different i freak out just like that kid. How u captured the image of falling at something and that feeling that was wonderful dude. Please keep makeing more like this. Im glad more and more people under stand what its like to feel completely different every day.
And The song was the best!


That was awesome, the guy feels all left out and different so....well I think you have made a kind of Columbine High School type thing. I'm probably wrong though. A great clip with awesome graphics which are perfectly timed with the music.

my point of view...

well ill leave the deeper stuff alone for now, but this is what I think its about

i think its about when a person doesent fit in, when they realise theyre not the same as everyone around them, as man always does they immidately panic, they assess themselves to see if its them, when its not they begin to over-think the situation and the next thing that comes after exhausting there mind is violence, his scared of what he doesent understand just like every other human, so he attacks it, then he falls into dispair when he just cant figure it out...

if you idiots out there cant think of an example take the "loser" of a high school, and what they do when all else fails...

its about primal instinct and sociology... great song by the way

im voting ***** on this 1, great piece of work, a real eye-brow raiser

** smileybwoy **

Teh l0ve

I really enjoyed this movie. I interpreted it in a couple different ways, i must admit it was slightly puzzling... Great concept though, I mostly think the kid felt somewhat alone and he wanted a life other than his own, attempting to.. "save" one of those doll creatures. One of my favorites.

I Think I Get It

Okay, so the point of the story is that being human is like being the same as everyone else. And being human is just a struggle to complete a goal, but in the end you can never complete it. And no matter how many times you fail, you are always drawn back to that same goal, even though you know you cant do it. Please man, tell me if I'm right, even if just a little bit. I hope I hit the nail on the head. Anyway, damn nice work, good song choice, nice video. This is going in my favorites.


FoXcatO responds:

:) Thanks for favorites... You got some of it right. Thats all I can say because if i say more I'm going to break my golden rule of letting people get from my movies what they see.