Reviews for "Human"

wow, this is a fine piece of work

the boy seems to be trapped in a world where people are all the same and he is told to do the same, but rebels

good one

this one reely captures Carpark North's song. the original live action one had a similar concpet in part of this. but im sure u either didnt see it or wanted to go for a different approach. thatz ok


one of those flashes that actualy means something

Car park north

I went to the website for audio but it says there are not matches for carpark north. so can you plz update the audio button or can you plz tell me a site that will have it

Oh and i love the flash it rules

FoXcatO responds:

Hey. I'm glad to hear that you like my little movie:)
Here is a link for the official website;)


I loved the animation combined with the music, but i just couldnt figure out wat the statues were??