Reviews for "[Blazin]"


really like ol skool songs :D

teddygram responds:

same here brother, thanks for the review!

been a while since I've heard good hip-hop in NG

damn dude, this was sick. track was kinda scratchy, but it reafirms the olskool feel. keep it up, I look forward to your next work.

teddygram responds:

yea i like that, captures the atmosphere i wanted in the track. thanks, and glad you liked it.


man i like this you certainly put some hard work into it and it pay'd off big time this is sweet and it certainly is olskool.

teddygram responds:

thank you!


fresh dude :3 good job

teddygram responds:

thank you sir

Well now!

I thought most of the "Modren Hip Hop Hits" were all that this genere had to offer: Emotionaly intimidating, violence dessenitizing, and repetetive themes across them all.

But this mix right here has actual emotion, and soul. Wow, its quite amazing! Outstanding, as a matter of fact!

Awesome work!

As some other "Underground Artists" say... "Real Hip Hop is Not found on the radio"

teddygram responds:

tru dat. thanks, glad you liked it