Reviews for "wheatclock distortion 01"

Oh, hello.

I didn't see you there. You know, I grew up with some real characters. Like that WheatClock fellow.
"Hey looka me, qqqq ssss fffhjkkkkk DDMA."


wheatclock responds:

keep it cool.

...could get raped...omg, SIGN OFF

thats was good. I hower do not like that freaking vioce that so many people use in their flashes.

wheatclock responds:

the voices come with the clock gig, sorry.

that was awesome

if only i was a clock
first of all im starting to hate the locks
the clocks are classic
can you give us the web/url?
anyways pretty plz w/ weat on top?

wheatclock responds:

why, thanks. the clock crew website is at, http://www.clockcrew.net/.

Pretty Artsy

but this whole 'distortion' concept sound a bit gothic
you should do more wheatclock shorts

wheatclock responds:

yeah, i admit. when i made wheatclock shorts, though, it seemed so 'cartoony' and like just another average animation. it is a good point, though.

That was really good.

I would like to start by saying your animation and drawing style is one of the most impressive and original forms I have seen to date on Newgrounds. That really added a new dimension to the frayed CC style (and I love the CC style!).
THe Audio was ok, but the humour was a little weak and it was a little short. However, looking beyond that; this shows an exciting glimpse into what you can be capable of if you were to do a feature length movie, perhaps collabing with other CC members. I REALLY look forward to more of your CC movies.

Keep it up!

wheatclock responds:

i admit, the humor was weak; i was going to ask someone for some help with some jokes. thanks, you wrote a nice review.