Reviews for "wheatclock distortion 01"


What is it with these sodding clock movies? I dont know whether to put the humour mark up but hey i think 1 is fair

wheatclock responds:

trust me, i care.

...could get raped...omg, SIGN OFF

thats was good. I hower do not like that freaking vioce that so many people use in their flashes.

wheatclock responds:

the voices come with the clock gig, sorry.

Oh, hello.

I didn't see you there. You know, I grew up with some real characters. Like that WheatClock fellow.
"Hey looka me, qqqq ssss fffhjkkkkk DDMA."


wheatclock responds:

keep it cool.


You dont want to go outside, you could get raped by a clown. Direct qoute from sealab 2021. Funny ass movie by the way.

wheatclock responds:

don't watch that show, sorry.