Reviews for "wheatclock distortion 01"


lol, just the concept of these little digitally voices flash characters "buttering eachothers bread" is absolutely halarious to me. the only gripe i have with this flash is the lack of some light background music, just seemed it was supposed to be there

wheatclock responds:

actually, good point. orignally, i was going to have background music, like a soft piano or something. but i got lazy and submitted it, as is. if my unmotavated rear makes another, i will definitely add music.

Pretty Artsy

but this whole 'distortion' concept sound a bit gothic
you should do more wheatclock shorts

wheatclock responds:

yeah, i admit. when i made wheatclock shorts, though, it seemed so 'cartoony' and like just another average animation. it is a good point, though.

um... k

well, don't really know what to say... sounds like you used the voices from those buddy guys you can get for your comp.

so.. almost?

wheatclock responds:

you got a keen ear.


u can do better

wheatclock responds:

eh, it happens.


wtf??? work on the sound a bit... tweak the graphics...

wheatclock responds:

you're one to talk, mr. no-flashes.