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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"

Michael Jackson

Is that MJ?

Cool anyway.

LAcked that sense of integrity.



A bit slow.

I think it should be sped up a little bit. I also didn't enjoy the obnoxious guitar playing. I didn't find it very musical, although the guitar playing is good.

Basically, this doesn't mean anything to me.

+6 points for guitar talent.

Metaljonus responds:

If it does'nt mean anything to you why even fucking review? pffh I swear people are dumb.

Too slow!

I feel like it's a little too slow. Imo, it is too slow. Actually I'm certain now it's too slow.

Yep, too slow.

P.S Too slow.

Metaljonus responds:

Yeah? well you're a fag.