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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"

"It" must mean "everything else"

This cover is pretty awesome. Better than most "official" covers I heard nowadays (Fall Out Boy standing out the most >.<). I like the solo. :D

Metaljonus responds:

I never really hear any MJ covers but fall out boy suck in general. Thanks for listening

Good job

Definately has an 80's feel to it!


i can honestly say that i don't care about MJ passing away.
but this song was well made, this is proabably what it would sound like if he did the song today but you should add some vocals.


Good, but the guitar is scratchy at some points =/

Nice stuff.

This was a good tribute. Very nice. I mean, despite MJ eventually becoming a pedofile and a horridly vane (and ironically monsterously ugly) fruitball, the man made history and influenced the music industy. Even though he already got wheel barrels full of green "credit" for the work, non of that is worth too much to him now, so some tributes to mark his footsteps as a musician are better than ragging about his haynes acts.

even though I just mentioned them...

But, yeah, nice job.