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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"

this is you playing guitar, rite?

if it is, its really smooth, this really reminded me of steve vai because of the good imitation of human sounds using a guitar.
i liked it nonetheless.

Metaljonus responds:


Almost perfect

It's a really good song for metal especially with the solo, but I'm just not feeling it with the percussion. It just seems like the drumming could be better instead of simple and constant. Somewhere after the intro it kinda fades behind the guitar and becomes boring, but everything else is great and the guitar keeps it going, just needs something to better to back it up.

Metaljonus responds:

Yeah I could've done better with the drums but if you listen to the original song its kind of similar since it a pretty simple beat with some claps and what not. Maybe i'll add a few more different beats. Thanks for listening guy


Really like it, and rofl at the kid 3 posts down...I looked at that and rofled im glad you commented on it the kid is obviously slow. good job rock on

not bad at all.

i've heard many solo type of songs, but this is all elec.

i give it a 9/10 4/5. because i've heard too many, like dragonforce, X-Japan, metallica etc, but this is your submission and i don't want to compare but i would like to give you these score for your efforts and all for making a nice solo'ed E. guita solo.

good work.

No vocals, but the guitar was a good replacement.

Look, regardless of what he did in his life, Micheal was first and foremost a singer, and a musician, Beat It was one of his best songs, Metaljonus, you have done him justice, if he ever could have heard this, he would have been flattered, and impressed. I don't give out 10 stars easily, but you came close.