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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"


you have outdone your self. This is so awesome.

Great cover of my fave MJ song. Guy below me is right too.

Metaljonus responds:


great but not so heavy

some idea in , with some guitar
some micheal fan will love it (maybe)

no a metal , but some like with the saturation

Metaljonus responds:


yea poor mj

RIP MJ doing triller in hevan i bet XD for the song its not heavy metal its hard rock and yes i know this because i have System of a down and avenged sevenfold cds and i know the difference but good song btw

I would have loved it more if there

was less Bending of the String when the verse starts. it starts to get annoying to me...But I loved the High Pitched parts durring the Verse so it's cool lol This was most impressive...ALSO The solo was completely different and it was SICK lol Nice man. I drooled a lot during this.

I like it, however I'll make a suggestion

Excellently excecuted, only thing I didn't fully enjoy was the overuse of the whammy bar for the "vocal" parts. Other than that slight complaint it's very well done!

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks! When I play a fun melody like that I tend to go over board with the whammy. Damn you Satriani and Vai! lol