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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"


:D its coolio...bless teh MJ

Metaljonus responds:



That solo was amazing!

I actually think you did it better lmao!!

Metaljonus responds:



this is a tribute with some real passion

r.i.p king of pop..he wud b proud

dis is great im a MJ fan myself and u dedicatedly pulled this off although a singer wud hav been awesome dude. every instrument was well played it was all smooth u kno there were a couple parts dat had sum unnecessary pitches in em but this is still awesome no matta wat man. eh man listen peole on this site dont like him but f**k them u wanna tribute the king of pop u do it wit the out most pride and confidense mj was the man and u the man 4 doing this keep it up man u doing gd

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks man! Some people are just eh...retarded is a nice way of saying it LOL. About the unnecessary pitches I tend to go off a pinch harmonic craze when I am doing whammy bar related melodies lol. THANKS VAI! lol jk. Thanks for listening man.

nice <(-_-)>

sweetness thats some sweet remix!!