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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"

made it made it!

you made it bitch!!!!!! michael jackson is now happy thx to you :P

Nice job on that solo!

Nice job overall! I give you uber props on that solo btw; that is not an easy solo to conquer by any means, and I can empathize from first-hand experience (damn Van Halen!). I really like the darkness you exhibit in this song; it really takes on a life of its own from the original. Honestly, I've never heard a better cover, and I searched on the web and Playlist too! Good job man, nice tribute. RIP King of Pop!


Sad hes not here anymore but he'd be happy to hear it if he were


MJ woulda shat if he heard this

:) that is kick to the ass

dude that is sexy... I am sure MJ would love you very nice tribute to a long standing influence to music for a long time :D it was awesome