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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"


MJ would be proud, me thinks. Very well done. If you were to overlap the original vocals, that would be even better. But that might bring up some legal issues, I'm not sure. But it deserves a 10, nevertheless. Great job.

In memory of MJ

Even though he was kinda maybe a lil weird, he still made awesome music. Awesome Metalalized song. Its unique but keeps the same feeling into it.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks, I can't sing like him but I can sing though my guitar.....lol lame.

I used to moonwalk at Dodge Ball from 1996-1999

Well I see you made a Tribute to is Beat it : R.I.P Michael jackson I wish he didn't look that Weird : just like the old him. it sad and people thorn him out for child molestation made him took lot of painkiller but it impressive how is health was in Extremely Good Shape reveal autospoy #2 Heart Attack is a killer unpredictable

it sure the Best Beat IT remix and LOL I doubt michael even touched a kid more then kiss him :P he is sleeping with little kid if a kid asked him to kiss him on is forehead he probabely did then it did slip and went on is lip who know

This is the SHIT!!

HOLY CRAP. This is one of the BEST versions of Beat It I've ever heard. GREAT JOB MAN!

Hell yes!

I agree with everything you said man, yeah MJ was accused of molesting kids but I'm sorry it's one thing to be accused of something but to have it proven is another thing altogether. On top of that he's only one of the most successful entertainers in history and has an ass load of cash from his multi-platinum albums, and there's always going to be people out there trying to take a piece. MJ loved his children and he loved people in general, the guy was abused by his dad in every way possible and he still found it in him to forgive the guy for all the shit he put him through. I for one will miss him, as weird as he was I know he was a good person and he did so much for many generations with his music. Bravo on the cover track man, some serious shredding going on here!!