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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"


I'm feeling a great urge to listen to this over and over just to show my respect for MJ. Love him or hate him, he was still an idol.

Metaljonus responds:

That he was. Thanks for listening!


im not even a fan of mj and i think this is cool nice remix

Metaljonus responds:


Pure epicness on a Chuck Norris level!

This is no doubt the best RMX of MJ I have ever heard (considering this s the first LOL). NEway, I thing this would have been cool if you had the lyrics to go with it.

Metaljonus responds:

I am sure there are better remixes that will be coming out soon. Thanks for listening!



Metaljonus responds:

Thanks! *bows* *falls off stage* lolz

Blown Away

This really couldn't be better at all.
I just hope that people who hate Micheal Jackson don't rate this a 0 just based on the fact that it is a song of his. R.I.P. Micheal!

Metaljonus responds:

Man people who are just fucking jealous will rate this shit low hell any good music that is'nt some lame ass techno piece of shit you call that fucking music beat. Pffh fags. Thanks for listening!