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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"

nice mang

the guitar work sounds great. i feel like everything else could have been mastered a bit more but whatever.

sweet remake

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks, I am sure there is other stuff I could add to this track. Whenever I got time I'll add some other stuff and mix it better.


Nice one fella i really enjoyed listening to the song its a shame other people couldn't do stuff like this instead of hating MJ for something alot of people don't believe he done R.I.P MJ

Metaljonus responds:

I know right why be hating all the time! All he tried to do in the past was bring peace and love to the world and I think he did in a way.


I love metal and some of MJ's songs. but i have to say that you did pretty damn well, especially considering that the solo was originally preformed by van Halen :P. Anyway, great job!

Metaljonus responds:

Meh Van Halen


MY ABSOLUTLY FAV SOng from MJ :D A very nice Spoof and Tribu VErsion :3

Metaljonus responds:

Yeah was'nt really going for a spoof but whatever. Thanks!


this is fuckin awesome my favourite genre mixed with one of my favourite artists

my hats off to u good job

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks! *bows*