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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"

"It" must mean "everything else"

This cover is pretty awesome. Better than most "official" covers I heard nowadays (Fall Out Boy standing out the most >.<). I like the solo. :D

Metaljonus responds:

I never really hear any MJ covers but fall out boy suck in general. Thanks for listening

Yes. Just Yes.

Wow awesome im a metal head but i always liked MJ this is a perfect middle ground for me
5/5 10/10

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks man.


Great song, but you put your own style and innovation into it. The original was Eddie Van Halen, possibly the best guitarist in the world, so it would be impressive enough if you could play the song itself. However, instead of just copying him, it felt like you took it in your own direction. Comparing it to the original is like apples and oranges, because you did your own thing with it, making the song yours in a sense. Wonderful job, you should be extremely proud of yourself...MJ would be

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks man that's what I was going for!


a bit off at the opening as far as accuracy, but it is a cover so on it's own AWESOME

Metaljonus responds:


damn nice...

MJ couldn`t done it any better. \m/ If you had this in vocal version... it wouldve been awsome dude. \m/

4.45 / 5.00 (+ 0.0011)

Metaljonus responds:

I will probably have a friend do vocals, but If I do that I am going to redo the whole track itself.