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Reviews for "Beat it-Metaljonus"


kso im gonna b completely honest...i was nvr a huge fan of mj.

however...this song just killed me. freakin amazing my good man. where did u learn to play like this? omg i wish i could show u how much im enjoying this freakin song


sounds real good

Thought i'd redrop this here.

This time i'll be less of a dick. ;)

Great Steve Vai-ness goin' on!!! Second best muscian ever, Steve Vai (#1 Devin Townsend in case any1 was wonderin') Great metal-ization of an amazing pop song. Yeah you didn't write it but it seems, contrary to my mislead beliefs, it seems no one cares. So I'll ignore it too (but minus 1 lol, didn't think you were getting off easy did you?) 5/5

And you DID write the solo, and be god, and mix it, and arrange it and everything. So you get your nine.

Its just me and my buddies firmly believe anyone can play music, but few can write. And you did transform this with much writing, but you had a shell. So not as hard. Just sayin'. I got way to carried away with my shit. thatg first time so I thought i un-be a dick. Sorta.

Metaljonus responds:

Its all good man, I totally went vai before even redid this tribute lol. I have the time and date lol. But you gotta understand there are shit load of tributes on this website wither you like it or not. But I am glad you came back and gave your honest opinion which is cool. Thanks I also write my own killer original I am pretty sure you'll love it! I hope you check it out and lemme know when you guys got new tracks that are up!




Great tribute and a great song.


you just punched Van Halen in the face with that solo......