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Reviews for "MGS5: Clocks"

pretty good

i hate the clock crew but im not much of a fan of the LL either, but this is good clock killing fun 4 the whole family :-) the LL needs 2 produce more movies and a couple of games

More clocks and locks

I'm not much for either of you but this was ok. I'm not trying to be to hateful. I guess its the voices that just make me want to kill. it was good. have fun now.

One question

Does the lock legion like the clock crew?

Oh yeah and good movie


it was allright the guns could have been drawn better and it wasnt really that funny

PlexityMusic responds:

HEheh.. As usual... The ones who complain doesn't even have flash.. YOu're a jerk! Why would you do that? You're a jerk!


BLITZ?!?! Got a collection add?!?!!?! Wtf,!?.

omg.... I lost words..
grate jorb out there homestar! ^^

That is grate! Good going there friend!
sorry for making fun of your skills in flash, it's nice, goodgoing there!.
peace out dude xD

ps: yeah I know it's job and not jorb, I just like to spell it that way :D.

PlexityMusic responds:

I never thought you would make such a turn like this.. YOu're supposed to be evil!