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Reviews for "MGS5: Clocks"

Ridiculous, stupid, tragic!

But yet, funny at the same time. I'd almost cry if I wasn't too busy laughing. Well done overall, especially the voice overs. That's what got you the sound points, by far. The only thing missing was a bit of bad Japanese translation.

PlexityMusic responds:

Nice review there TY!

I like it,

Very nice job there m8, de graphics was very cool.

haha, nice

very nice, i enjoyed it, not much of a fan of the voices however

Pretty good

I liked it. I can respect how hard it is to make flash. I gave you a 5 just cause I know theres effort involved. Please take a look at my flash movie.


great concept and i loved the part where BCLock shot the clock and Blitzlock goes "Bitch!"LMAO!

F-KREW Leader

PlexityMusic responds:

Yeah I know.. I think it's the greatest part of the movie.. God damn Cherry took his kill! He was pwning him good!