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Reviews for "MGS5: Clocks"


that was good with a rpg element in it but the damn robot voice has got to go!

good i liked it

i love clocks and locks and this is a great one kudos



I saw Breadfruit in it so I voted 5.

PlexityMusic responds:

Yeah you see... HTe Clocks were kinda superior in this movie..


Stop the clocks, please. Boring and unoriginal, and that goddamn type speech voice alone makes it uncomfortable and difficult to sit through.

PlexityMusic responds:

I understand why my movie didn't get over 3,5! You damn Lock despisers!

Ridiculous, stupid, tragic!

But yet, funny at the same time. I'd almost cry if I wasn't too busy laughing. Well done overall, especially the voice overs. That's what got you the sound points, by far. The only thing missing was a bit of bad Japanese translation.

PlexityMusic responds:

Nice review there TY!