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Reviews for "MGS5: Clocks"

Locks vs clocks

I licked the battle sequence where it was serious then they started to jump up and down to the music. "I know your stats are low but you still need to keep up".


This is prety good. I realy liked the Meta-Ridley music from metroid prime being in the battle sequence.

PlexityMusic responds:

Umm, what's that?


BLITZ?!?! Got a collection add?!?!!?! Wtf,!?.

omg.... I lost words..
grate jorb out there homestar! ^^

That is grate! Good going there friend!
sorry for making fun of your skills in flash, it's nice, goodgoing there!.
peace out dude xD

ps: yeah I know it's job and not jorb, I just like to spell it that way :D.

PlexityMusic responds:

I never thought you would make such a turn like this.. YOu're supposed to be evil!


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PlexityMusic responds:

Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Woncho? You're violating the rules of the almighty NG, english ffs! 1 more time and I'll bust Tom Fulp on your ass! IP-BAN! BYE BYE NG! Perhaps I'll whip you good.. Now get off my internet you fucking fucker!

BTW, Castlevania fucking sukz!

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