Reviews for "Dreaming of her"

OMG Very Good

My dream is to become a famous composer like Nobuo Uematsu. This song is very good. I will probably use it in my upcoming flash. Look for it in the flash "Always About Her" by Dante_Leonhart and Prodiga.

jackie1188 responds:

I am very ashamed to say, I never heared about Nobuo Uematsu
I especially know european composers..
although i have never heared you work, I give you my best whishes on your musical career.
And thanks for your good rewiew.

I love it!!!

That was truly beautiful. I never heard such clear(mind and body) and joyful piano. I'm a classical fanatic, so I know my share of music. I'm really interested in your talent. Do you have a website that I can check out. Or maybe we can talk? my e-mail is...

jackie1188 responds:

I have no website that is representative for what i'm doing, but of course you can email me, if you're still interested in contact with me.


Love your music. I have produced an animated movie and I am using a lot of your music. It will be posted on http://movies.lionhead.com and I will let you have the link as soon as I upload it. You are so very talented. I couldn't believe this beautiful music was written by a 17 year old student.

jackie1188 responds:

hust send me an email with a direct link.

thanks for your interst and love in my music

unique piano

Very good on piano. I usually dont even bothering listening to piano. but GOOD JOB :)

jackie1188 responds:

dont juge over piano music by stuff you usually hear at newgrounds, there is music, more beautifull, than you can EVER imagine.

this is beutiful

i love piano songs and i will say that this is the best piano song that i have ever heard keep up the good work cant wait to here some more of your piano songs

jackie1188 responds:

Thank you very much.
Unfortunately I have very little Time to write and upload stuff at newgrounds, but eventually there are some Videos to come at youtube.