Reviews for "Viva La Vida (Rock Version)new"


I was a little scared wat u might do to this song to fuk it up. But u really surprised me and turned it into a great rock version. This song isn't easy to remix because of all the insrtuments and melodic tones it has. But like i said, u made it happen.

freakin great

way better than the first rock version

Yabossobay responds:

thank you, i tried to improve on it as much as i could, i wanted to just replace the original one with this one, but after a certain amount of listens or something it locks it from editing.

i'll put it to u simple...fucking awsome!!!!!!

Did a good job with transforming the song u should keep mess with this song a little just to work on....but badass song dude great work!!!!

Really good.

I liked how you transform this awesome song into a rock version. The guitars sound pretty good and the drums were okay. Although, I like the Coldplay version better. It sounds better because it's very calming and very "Remember when we young and how much fun we had then?" feel.

Other than that, sounded great!
4/5 & 9/10


this is so good i think if this was a song on brokeback mountain u wouldnt rlly notice the gayness or the sodomy