Reviews for "Viva La Vida (Rock Version)new"

Very nice

Its very nice but the only problem is that the some of the harmonys are missing due to the switch. But other then that very nice!


Hey can you mabye make a instrumental of just the rock and not the original? It'd be awesome.

Kind of a Clash here...

The Guitar playing is bloody excellent, just not in my favorite style, and I have a problem with you having played right over the original, simply because the original strings clash with your electric guitar.

Nonetheless, it is in and of itself absolutely epic.

Absolutely awesome

I love the original version of this song, but this is outstanding. I just left it running for awhile and I realize that I'll miss the seamless looping from this site when I play it later.

Frickin' Awesome!

You've badassified and intensified it. All I can say is awesome.