Reviews for "Daegre>Prologue>Part 1"


Please finish this! im adding this to my favorites NOW! Im sure when you finish it will make the front page. Ive never seen shuch beutiful animation. *snif*


This is a work of art. Its flawless. The graphics and the sound are of the best quality. I love this flash. And this is your first. I can't wait till your 2nd.

First flash?!

I rarely see stuff that good here on newgrounds, bravo, and you claim that its your first flash, if your first is better than most of the other stuff on here, then bloody hell, good job.

PyrasTerran responds:

well I did make 3 years ago.. I'm a bloody perfectionist.


that was super amazing for first time ... U must of at least practiced a bit.... right.....right!!

PyrasTerran responds:

I'll repeat what I did before: I made sure I knew all the insides and outs about Flash I needed before I got started, and I'm also a perfectionist. If it doesn't look to my liking, I'll trash the entire scene and redo it if I have to.

This is my first completed movie, if it makes you happy. I did work with moving circles around the screen, like every person who has tried a tutorial. :P


totally wicked, man! I cannot wait for the next one! I really liked the creatures!

PyrasTerran responds:

All that's left to make this a dream come true is to have the movie on the front page. hint hint. :)