Reviews for "Daegre>Prologue>Part 1"

Pretty Good

Pretty good, i liked it. But the only thing that i basically saw wrong was that it had no plot, those other black monsters just started randomly attacking him, and i was curious why. But I really liked it overall.


I loved every second, the animation was smooth, good choice of opening music. Im impressed for your first flash. This is looking promising. Dont stop here.

Whoo! That was UBER-NIFTY!

Incredible animation, great design work on that dragon...Spider-Man audio is a nice touch. The complete version, if there ever is one, will definitely make front page. It's great!

Finally some quality

Awesome colourfull animation. Pro-style look and feel. Cool fight, although the theme good v. evil = cliche'd . 5/5 You leave your audiance drooling for more.

PyrasTerran responds:

Well now, who said that Daegre was a good guy and that the black creatures were evil? ;) Who said that either side were good or evil, for that matter?

great first flash

are you sure thats your first?