Reviews for "Daegre>Prologue>Part 1"

This reminds me of Pokemon!

This was great. But it was kinda wierd when some sort of monster stands upon a cliff without any reason. But I guess we will figure it out in part two...
Great Job!

PyrasTerran responds:

Is it a crime to stand on cliffs and look at the beautiful scenery? lol

Very cool!

I definitely liked the art-style i nthis animation

i also liked how u started off at the dragon's eye, and zoomed out.
Same thing for the giant battle.


the movie was well done. WHat could make it look better was if you make it more realistic. In that way, i mean, improve the shading and texturing of your charachters. have different lighting effects on the skins and such. and i bet, if you do that, you will have an excellent movie


This is a work of art. Its flawless. The graphics and the sound are of the best quality. I love this flash. And this is your first. I can't wait till your 2nd.


Please finish this! im adding this to my favorites NOW! Im sure when you finish it will make the front page. Ive never seen shuch beutiful animation. *snif*