Reviews for "Daegre>Prologue>Part 1"


It's crap.......

xannierules@hotmail dot com

this was...awesome, but i think this is stolen...if not, let me give some compliments ;)

1) The graphics were great, so as the animation...
2) The storyline...is this really chapter 1? looks like...11 or something =P

Btw, a bit strange, don't u think? a first-timer who makes a flash that almost (or will, i don't know) hits frontpage...

Keep The Good Work Up!! (if it is yours)

PyrasTerran responds:

Prove to me that it's all stolen and I will gladly revoke my title as a flash animator and never touch Flash again. ;)

There isn't much of a story. It's simply a monster who's being bullied.

It's not chapter 1, as the title implies, it is a prologue. It's more of a demo of things to come. Rest assured, once the prologue is complete then the story truely begins.

Good stuff.

Finally glad to see you submitted this. It seems better each time i see it.

Loved it!

That is a great flash movie!


Keep it up man!
I see your flash skills will be very good in future.

Anyway, that movie is on my favourites now!

It has a cool fight scene!
Keep it up!


It was awesome although you should improve the scenarios, they looked so simple, anyway you're really good