Reviews for "Daegre>Prologue>Part 1"


that was really good that was the best first flash ive ever seen i cant wait for u to make part 2


Well i liked it but it kinda looked like somthing out of pokemon.

PyrasTerran responds:

That's the curse of making animated monsters nowadays; they're bound to look like pokemon if they aren't graphic. :(

Abosoultly amazing!

This is spectacular for your first flash. Its one of the best ive seen for some one who i new to it. Definatly keep up working on this and it will be even better I can't wait for your next one. i give it two tumbs and pinky finger up.


I love your style every thing fits well im normally a paintbrush person but the pencil and background meshed nicely! keep it up 5/5!

PyrasTerran responds:

It's nice to see someone who appreciates the art style.

not bad

i would like to see more details in ur drawings. mebbe u could touch up a bit more on the shadows of the character? there is one thing that i hate though...please do not use that font anymore! (the one in ur credits) i keep seein' that in ppl's submissions! the first time i've seen it was in valhalla knights and i thought i was pretty tacky then. and now errbody is usin' it! wtf? please its annoying and tacky. u have better taste my friend.

PyrasTerran responds:

Haha, everyone hates that text because it's so over-used. It was a rush job, the text choosing. You won't see it again.