Reviews for "Nameless 4 Vol.1"

ultra key?

are the voices from the typinh helper altrakey? if they are nice job to find a faster way for speaking parts


crippleboy n fake mom should totally end up together. loooooove the randomness that is in every second of every episode. great!


lol, if you notice that little black blur above is head when he says 'Go away you freak" it has a little hitler saluting =P and if you look closely it has a little drawing of cripple boy as a jew! =D God i love this series randomness


It is the very escence of what I love...randomness ^^JOPIAEPTUAPeNiSjkla;ieVaGiNafAgtuje iopadj

....sorry ^^D


it's so random that it keeps u saying "wtf" and "lol". That's never a bad thing.