Reviews for "Nameless 4 Vol.1"

I don't hate it!!!

!!!! XD "Shut up baldy" "I hate you...I hope you die"


Also it is so real!!!


oh no ! he drew hitler ! he must be an evil jew ! yes ! he must eat babies ! holocausuet !! oh no !! death !! horriibblle ahh 6 million ! the end :)

to be continued *echo* :D

10 out of 10 of the echo ^^

its kinda obvious how they made the voices

choclate man and fake mom were made using speakonia
if they werent then you can use it to make mroe or less same sounding sentances
its a downloadable voice simulator with about 12 diffrent voices. 10 boy and 2 girl ones. :P loved this one xD