Reviews for "Lion King - F-777 ReMiX"


nicely done, something titanic in some parts,

"Lovin' It!!!"

I love it!!! Lion King is one of my favorite movies and I love the fact that you made a remix for one of the best songs in the movie! Keep up the good work!!!!

(T.T) I remember this song...

After watching the movie like 9+ times, you'd think i would have this song stuck in my head... I miss the movie now... anyways...

The fast tempo removes some of the old sad emotion, but it's replaced with one, broad and new... I kinda get lost in the transition from the slow part to the upbeat fast parts. It seems to happen to fast, and the ending seems kind of out there. It might be the song, but I think it would have better to end slower or with a lower pitch even though it's a Trance song. Other than that it is a perfect remix of a great song... you did it justice.


i would have perfured the song Softer. But this is still vary lovely and relaxing! :3
btw ayumilove2 is right there is a guy on youtube stealing poeple's music contact newgrounds and youtube. get this guy suewed or removed.

Please dodnt let this guy steal what is your remix.
9/10 4.6/5

Someone ripped yoru music and said he/she made it.

The guy on youtube "boombidom" says VZN created this music "Lion King F777 remix)

He name this music as something else which is Vzn LKAJ (Remix)

Created by: Vzn @ Arenajunkies.com