Reviews for "Lion King - F-777 ReMiX"

Didn't hear it for 5 WHOLE YEARS?

Are you kidding? This is even more incredible then the "He's a pirate"! 5 WHOLE YEARS! You have my respect!


thanks to your skill Im accidentally becoming a fan . GOOD JOB

man, you made me cry .

Really, just thank you. I love this melody.


It almost made me cry in the beginning and since I love techno/trance, It kept me hooked. Keep up the good work!

beginning was great..

but then I feel liek you cheapened out and just generic tranced the rest of it - feels lifeless to me - I mean year you arped the melody.. but.. m'eh - you coulda done so much MORE with it.. I think you shouldgo back and apply more elements to this song. It does geta bit better around 2:53 with the introduction of the heavenly sound - and the slightly different directino you went with it - but it just took too long to get there imo.