Reviews for "TehKar - Seduction Ep. 1"

Pretty Damn Good.

Graphics were O.K., game was amazing, though. Can't wait to see a second one. Fun to do while waiting fo other games/movies to load.


that game is freakin awsome

Needs more!

That was a really good game! make another 1 but this time make it more hardcore! and maybe let the player do somethings! It was a good game but it was to gentle!!

love it

loved it.... i just started dating the love of my life and it made me think of us ^_^

also to the person who commented before me... you seem to be deluded into believing that clit is the same as pussy um.... no its not... makes me wonder if u ever got a woman off.... clit is short for clitoris and pussy is another word for vagina..... dumbass


bad.ass. i'm bi and kinda pissed i'm single right now, realinzing what i'm missing lol. drawing was a bit sketchy, but f-ing awesome.