Reviews for "TehKar - Seduction Ep. 1"

Very descriptive! The motions and drawings need a little work, and maybe instead of choosing a wrong answer and failing you have different scenes, but I enjoyed it!! Keep making more (I would love to read them)

i liked the ar style for the game, i thought it was interesting. i also liked the things you cud choose. the only thing i have agenst this game is the music, after a whiile it can get a little anoying. so i liked the game and i wud like a episode 2

Loved it, though it was a bit easy after you remember the right answers to choose. Still it kept me excited and interested, which is more than I can say for most other games on here. A great work of art to be enjoyed by anyone interested in erotic arts.

Graphics weren't that great and the girl has too high of standards. Still it was worth playing and I'm glad someone made it.

"Sit on her face"