Reviews for "TehKar - Seduction Ep. 1"

Women need porn too

Women are totally being neglected on these "adult" websites. I have no problem with porn for men, but sometimes I'd like to see a penis and play a game that doesn't envolve titty slaps.


Beautiful! I remember playing these games(yours:P) a while back and fell absolutely in love with them. Make moar! MOAR!


make more, these are really seductive


The comment i layed eyes on just a moment ago was HILARIOUS but the game made me a bit "hot and bothered" :::: for those of you that don't know jack-crap about the female body, then maybe you should look up the flash for it, cause it could really help u...if not then you're just an idiot-retard, hiding behind the computer and jacking off while u haven't gotten laid cause u smell bad and live in your parent's basement

love it

loved it.... i just started dating the love of my life and it made me think of us ^_^

also to the person who commented before me... you seem to be deluded into believing that clit is the same as pussy um.... no its not... makes me wonder if u ever got a woman off.... clit is short for clitoris and pussy is another word for vagina..... dumbass