Reviews for "TehKar - Seduction Ep. 1"

I love it!

Tehkar, ima big fan, i love all you games and ive played alot of them. i think theyre fun and youre doing a great job. this game was great ;D

Great untill the end.

The game was great. However I wish you would have kept the same style at the end. it felt a bit rushed, as if you wanted to get it over with.

Also the graphics were lame, though the story line made up for that.

Besides that, it was great :).


I loved it. You guys down there gotta admit its the 1st girl on girl sex sim youve seen on this site. I only think you should really work on the graphics, plus it should be more interactive, otherwise keep up the good work

Shame about the graphics...

Good work... but i have to agree... the graphics.... need allot of work... besides that... good job

my thoughts

well im going to start with the end.
my only though to the final ending is "OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!"
>.> its an alright concept, but there need to be more them "one" path to the destination. thats the whole fun part about those kinda books, there should also be multiple destinations. decent enough as it is, work on the concept a bit longer, come up with other happenings like maybe Jessy comes home and the end of one of the other options and you can get it on with her >.> im just sayin